Friday, June 13, 2008



Anonymous said...

How much have you received in donations, and on what have you allocated them to?

WenigGluckliches said...

I voted just now and i said i would "Offer help."

Thanks to you guys, I WILL be less skeptical to help a stranger.

shannon said...

What was wrong with the Appalachian Trail...that is my goal before I I am worried it aint worth it. What should I think? Brent will protect me.


Windy Clark said...

Hey guys!
I'm waiting for you two to pass through Houston! :) Don't lose too much weight...

Love you- Windy

Teresa, Bettendorf said...

Hi guys!
Hmmm, we always eat well when camping - so there are lots of easy simple things you can make on a campfire or camp stove - don't know what you have with you! Maybe you need a dietician to post here with some ideas for you! For sure you need adequate protien and carbs! We are underwater here in Iowa - especially Des Moines, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids area! Hang in there!
Teresa, Bettendorf

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
How was amish country? I know you wanted to meet some and interact how did that go? Was Bird-N-Hand and alright spot? Hope all is well with safe travels


Carrie Marie said...

Just remember that for every negative nelly out there, there are 100 more ppl whose lives you are touching with this project.

I love reading the blogs & seeing the pictures, seeing the people willing to help you. And even those who aren't willing to help you, may go to the site & be willing to help someone else along the way, at their next opportunity.

Keep up the good work & may the Lord continue to bless your journey. You may not be sure what to believe about Him, but I'm still asking Him for safety and good adventures for you. : )

Carrie Marie

Anonymous said...

this IS a stupid site. you guys are taking part in this "project" only to look in the mirror at the end of the say and see a Walden-esque adventurer, whereas all i see is a bunch of young shmucks unwilling to find their niche in society.

Anonymous said...

ouch! anonymous, that was rough.

let me pose a few questions.. what is it exactly that makes brian and denny “young shmucks unwilling to find their niche”? what if they took the degrees they earned (from a school ranked in the top 25 public universities, no less) and accepted corporate desk jobs? would that make them less shmuck-like? or just transform them into white-collar shmucks? i think it’s unfair to assume that since they have chosen a different path in life that they are unwilling to find “their niche”. i find that often it is most commendable to go against our society’s norms of materialistic success. i know we live in a world where most people are judgmental, but isn’t that what the boys are trying to counter? aren’t they out on an adventure to find good in our nation, in themselves and in others? statements like yours simply make me want to encourage & support the boys more than ever.

to denny & brian:
“whatever you are, be a good one.” –abraham lincoln

“no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…” -aesop

:) l

Meghan said...

Sweetness. One of my questions made video! You guys crack me up. The video of your typical day was the coolest thing ever. I'm very impressed with your art. The pictures, videos, writing. I have a confession - I've haven't checked in the last week. I feel like I've missed so much! Who knew. Take care.