Monday, June 23, 2008

No Stranger Community

No Stranger Land is proud to announce an exciting addition to the mission. Introducing - No Stranger Community.

While No Stranger Land is a story of two small pebbles in the pond crossing the country on foot and sharing life with the people they meet along the way, No Stranger Community is about the entire sea of people out there wanting to be inspired, touched and connected. Together we truly can make the world a better place.

This site will be controlled by No Stranger Land, but we don't come up with the content. You do!


If No Stranger Land has encouraged you to reach out to someone, or if you have a tale to tell about a time a stranger affected you in a positive way, we want to read, see and hear your stories and share them with the world.

Whether it be through writing, photos, videos or a combination of every element, please send your No Stranger Stories to: and they'll appear on the site as soon as possible.

We'll gladly accept anecdotes from past experiences, but we strongly encourage you to break out of your shell, connect with someone you otherwise never would have met, and brighten their day today. The encounters can be big or small and can take place in any way, shape or form. The effects can be tangible or intangible, make someone simply smile or affect them forever. Most importantly, we want you to share your stories to help continue making No Stranger Land a reality.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

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