Friday, June 20, 2008

Month 1 - Maine to Virginia

MCCLEAN, VIRGINIA – June 19 -- It’s only been a month on the calendar, but it feels like Brian and I have been on the road for much longer. I have the images running through my head of waking up shivering during the first night, eating half cooked beans, blistering for the first time, the first person signing my hat (Nanci), receiving the first ride, etc. I think about all these ‘firsts’ and it feels like years ago.

Since then we have learned efficient cooking, how to deal with blisters, accepted multiple rides, and now awake to a decent tempature. It’s been amazing how quickly Brian and I have adapted to this journey.


Timing has been at the forefront of my thoughts when looking back over the past month. Breaks we wouldn’t have taken other than for tired legs have resulted in meeting new friends and having experiences that would have been otherwise passed over. Unforeseen storms have forced us inside to stay dry, but have resulted in places to stay and connections made. Our openness and vulnerability has allowed for positive situations to occur and it's been the most exciting part so far.


Over the past few days I have thought about what I would tell my past self as he sat in the Chicago airport waiting to get on the airplane that would catapult him to Maine. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach as we landed at the Portland airport. I wouldn't have believed the willingness of strangers to share their life with us. I also had no idea how tough it would be to find a legal camping spot, but how easy it would be to find an illegal one time after time.


The last thing I want to reflect on is showering. I’ve probably taken a shower in over ten bathrooms and they all have their own unique style. There’s handles, nozzles, pulling, pushing, lifting up, down, turning, twisting, clockwise, counterclockwise, and all are usually combined together to make the act of cleaning one’s body an adventure all in itself. Why there’s not a universal approach is a mystery to me.


Anonymous said...

You guys better pick up the pace! 2 more months and you aren't even close to a third of the way to the west coast!

Scott Thomas said...


I just laughed from the pit of my stomach about the shower comment. I spent last year traveling the west coast with Budweiser, and although most of my showers were hotels, we did stay in lakehouses, campers, random homes, and even the Bud Light Lounge once. Turning the damn shower on was my main opposition to a wet cleansing. Hope you guys are having a blast.

Scott Thomas said...


I am nicknaming you Lewis from now on. Lewis Triplett and Denny Clark. Ok Lewis, hope you are having a blast too.
I am heading to Vegas in an hour to become the National Champion of Rock Paper Scissors. Wish me luck Lewis.

Nanci in Rye Beach, NH said...

Denny, how many people have signed your hat now? I know that Zoe and I have the prime position -front and center. So I was listening to Brian's serious reflections,and then reading how you were feeling about the trip so far (ONLY ONE MONTH???!!!) you guys even starting me thinking deep thoughts of life and people...and then you throw in the showers!! OMG there I was...all alone and laughing out loud. I can't even figure out how to use kitchen faucets these days. I hope you haven't scalded yourselves! :)) Loving it all,love and miss you both.