Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What we're walking with

-2 sleeping bags
-2 hydration packs
-cooking burner
-2 ISO gas tanks
-10 packs of matches
-magnesium fire starter
-8 t-shirts
-3 pair of shorts
-2 pair jeans
-2 rain coats
-2 hooded sweatshirts
-4 pair of socks
-4 pair of underwear
-2 belts
-1 pair of shoes each
-stocking cap
-2 bags of beans
-bag of brown rice
-8 packs of Ramen noodles
-2 toothbrushes
-body spray
-toilet paper
-bug spray
-sun screen
-Denny's glasses
-Denny's contact stuff
-2 hats 
-2 journals
-4 pens
-3 books
-video camera
-video tapes
-digital camera
-wireless card
-2 cell phones
-extra battery pack
-2 flashlights
-1 big-ass knife
-2 forks, 2 spoons, 2 butter knives
-business cards
-4 bandannas
-first-aid kit
-3 trash bags/rain covers
-2 backpacks
-grandma's good luck charms


Anonymous said...

We live on Lake Delhi near Manchester, Iowa. We look forward to following your trek on the computer. Will you be coming through Iowa?

Anonymous said...

You both have an education that old Mommy & Daddy probably paid for...and now you want to screw off another summer and are begging people for money to support your immaturity. Crissake, grow up and get a job and stop being leeches.

Anonymous said...

"Our adventure begins on the Atlantic coast of Maine on May 20"

> Does Maine have any other coast than the Atlantic? I think you ought to use this summer productively and maybe take a geography class.

Anonymous said...

My favorite part is "Denny's Glasses" and "Denny's contact stuff". Can't leave home without that.

I think you boys are sweet and very mature and courageous for doing this. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Ignore the naysayers and those that post negative comments. I WISH I could've done something like this when I graduated from college. You won't have the same freedom once you get a job, so take the time now.
If you're in Chicago let me know - we'll have you guys over for dinner!!

Mike T said...

My favorite part is that you guys are sharing 4 pairs of underwear. That's also very sweet. I hope you're the same size.

Good luck to you guys, and hopefully no matter what happens you appreciate the experience and soak it all in. ... I look forward to reading all about it.

I was also gonna say, "Geez, you guys are making good time." But I'll save that joke for later.

Love, Mike (Brian's brother ... sorry Denny, I just like you, I don't quite love you).

ScottS7630 said...

Mr. Anonymous-Pessimist,

Quit your job in sales, then quit harping on kids trying to do something positive.

D and B - stay idealistic; we need more people in the world like this.
"Hope is not folly, pessimism is not realism" -

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Guys,
There is plenty of time to find carees later. Who knows, you may be working on your career right now. I live in Davenport and am looking forward to following your adventures and will be watching your progress daily. Keep puttn one foot in front of the other.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your adventure. Would love to hear about all the people you meet along the way. As we all sit in our offices in front of a computer this summer, it will be nice to see your exploration of our country. Don't listen to any of the negativity...they're just jealous!

-Sara in QC

BEN said...

I think it's interesting that for the single negative comment on this post, there were 5 positive people encouraging you guys to ignore it and stay on course. I think that shows alot and I'm more than happy to be the 6th person to say that negative comment is weak, jealous, and uninformed.

Keep up the good work and this list was great to read! If you add things or lose things to the list, let us know :)

chasp1969 said...

Keep on keepin on, men.

Anonymous said...

As long as you boys choose to iowa to go through instead of missouri, you'll be alright.

For god's sake, stay out of missouri. There's a reason the trees lean north.

Anonymous said...

no need for the deodorant or toothpaste, just addin extra weight cause showerin is overrated. YOu stop in denver we got an extra couch, but just one the other is gettin takin up by me. Be safe, keep it real, but watch your back, no matter how much good you try to spread, trustworthy people hard to come by.