Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life in the woods


Kelly M said...

I really enjoyed the conversation with the high school me thinking how cool it would be to ask those you encounter questions specific to your mission. Micheal Moore's documentary "bowling for columbine" dealt alot with Americans' fear, how it is related to our negative media and its' deadly consequences. It would be interesting to ask people if they could identify the role they play in perpetuating this problem ...plant the seed of how they can make a no stranger land in their own life.

Doug said...

Hey guys it's Doug from Iowa. I am so pumped to see the connections you guys are forming! Just thought I'd let you know I'm doing a contest to give a free NSL hoody and other cool engedi stuff away so if you run into people that would like one, here's a great way to get a free one.

shannon said...

i am nervous about tick bites. Lyme disease orginated not far from where you camp. Are you wearing DEET? Call the doctor with the bulls eye rash.

Anonymous said...

I Put The dots on your map And i
graduated from pre-school today. And I got cookies and punch. Will is so cute. I miss you very very much. I watch all of your videos. Good luck on your trip to you and Denny. From, Megan